New Year’s Resolutions Are For Bullies

Each January, the majority of the country sets up some sort of New Year’s Resolution to strive for throughout the upcoming year. The tradition strikes me as strange seeing that a good amount of these resulotions end up being forgotten by mid-February. If they aren’t forgotten, then they become a burden hounting their creator from some small spot in the back of their brain. Every year it’s the same thing: devise the greatest resolution, swear that this year will be different, begin to fail a few weeks later, tell ourselves continuously that next week we really are going to make it happen, and then come to the end of the year disappointed in our lack of resolve. But why do we do that to ourselves? Do we honestly believe that we are such terribly awful people that the only way to feel better about ourselves is to make a completely drastic change in hopes of becoming a completely awesome person? Probably not! I think it’s more along the lines of a tradition set forth by generations that came before us and intended as a mockery, but through the years, the joke has been placed on us as they stare down from the heavens and laugh at the fact that despite our history of “failing,” we continue to beat ourselves up over such a silly thing as a resolution year after year!
Although I don’t typically participate in the tradition of beating myself up over my inability to become a perfect person every year, I do recognize that January is a new beginning and, with that, it is an opportunity for positive change. This kind of change isn’t the kind where I give up cookies for the whole year (honestly, who could ever do that?) but cave in on Valentine’s day by eating 30 to make up for lost time. No! This kind of change is the kind in which I continue to move in some direction – any direction – knowing that as long as I maintain even the smallest, nearly unseen, amount of movement, it is movement none-the-less, and that counts as positive progress. Instead of the foreboding resolution, I have opted for setting goals, choosing more self-love, committing to a positive attitude, and keeping one little word in the back of my brain as a reminder of what hopes, dreams, and expectations I have for myself throughout the next 365 days.
One Little Word? You may have heard of this growing trend. Initially it was begun by Ali Edwards, but it has blown up huge! The basic concept is that you choose One Little Word to be your guiding light through the next year. It becomes something you strive for or you contemplate or reflect on. Really, it becomes anything you want it to.  There are so many possibilities! Crazy, I know! In past years I have had a very hard time picking one word, and of course that it the case this year. I have even had years that I choose multiple words simply because I love the way they sound and the beauty of their definitions. I was completely prepared to do that this year…until I wrote the second paragraph of this post. It was then that I realize that more than anything I needed for my word to be MOVE. This word sums up all the ideas I had about the other words I was contemplating. It works perfectly for me and will certainly be a constant reminder of everything I hope this year will become!
With the decision to use MOVE as my one little word having been suddenly and abruptly made just moments ago, I am now having to modify my entire plan for this post. I had intended to discuss the different words I would be using this year, as well as their significance. Well, so much for that idea! Instead I can tell you about a few vague goals I have set while I reserve the right to discuss them in detail at a later time, in a future post as originally planned. Ok, here goes:
*Grow Pretty Much
*Nurture my Marriage
*Love Myself
*Study Well
What do you think? Are those vague enough for you? Don’t worry though, I promise to go more in depth very soon! In the meantime, do you have any goals for the New Year? What is your One Little Word? How do you intend to bring something positive into your life in 2014? Leave me a comment!


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