Goodbye February

It’s the first week of March already? Oh my goodness! This doesn’t quite seem right. When I was young, 3 months of Summer lasted for an eternity, and now 2 months goes by and I feel like I was literally toasting to the new year (without Champagne because we waited until the last minute to go the the liquor store and it was closed!) last night. But here I am thinking back upon a month and trying to remember what all I accomplished. The truth is, it doesn’t seem like much. To be fair though, February is the shortest month of the year! I feel like telling myself that this new month of March will be different and that tomorrow is another day and I will actually accomplish something before the end of the year. Haven’t I been saying that for a few years now though? Ugh!

For real though, what have I accomplished? Well, I delivered a gorgeous wedding invitation suite to a bridal client, I completed 4 weeks of design school (What was I thinking?), I sold 2 things on Etsy to complete strangers, I was a {Small} part of the Life is Messy Bootcamp which is still going on and it is not too late to sign up and be a part of something awesome, I underwent 10 tests for my hearing and balance system, 3 different blood draws, a CT scan, and another 24 hour long test that I won’t describe because it sounds awful, and somewhere in there I did all the research I needed in order to order my organic, non-GMO seeds for use in my garden this year. Oh yeah, I was also a wife, a puppy mommy, a friend, a sister, a daughter, and a designer. Okay, so maybe this month was actually much more full than I gave it credit for being. Thank goodness for that because I was starting to feel like it was a wash.

This upcoming month of March is really going to be big. I’m pretty excited about it! This month the Best Day Ever will debut online at the Wedding Chicks blog, my mother is coming out to visit (and take care of me after my surgery), I am having surgery, I am working on some really special items for an awesome bride, I am finishing the planners that you probably need a copy of, I’m hoping to start blogging more 9but give me a month or two before I really start blogging on a schedule), I get to celebrate a week off from school and call it Spring Break, I hope to continue growing my business and my creativity, and lastly I might actually be able to write the Thank-you notes that should have gone out months ago to our wedding guests. It sounds like March will be busy! I’m looking forward to it though.

What are you happy to have accomplished in February? What are you looking forward to in March?Leave a comment and let me know!

Have an awesome week!

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