Pretty Much: The Best Day Ever Series (Wedding Invitations)

The Best Day Ever

I had always known that my wedding day would be nothing like the traditional weddings I was no stranger to. Being a little different or unusual in life has always made for some unique events and fun times. Our wedding day was absolutely not going to be any different. From Day 1 (May 10, 2012) of our engagement, plans included all the details that made us who we were as a couple. In the end, it was more perfect and more unique than we could have ever imagined!

Dakota had called me Princess since we met in the Army way back in 2006. Not only was I the only girl in our unit, but I was also pretty feminine and not exactly the military type. I was an ex-cheerleading captain, an ex-flag captain, an ex-pep club member, and ex, spirit squad founder, etc…etc. I wore ribbons and lace, short skirts and high heels, and I had a {fo}hawk died so black it was blue in the sun. Everything about me was contradicting, and he loved to make light of that my calling me “Princess” instead of “Soldier” as he made me do push-ups and sit-ups to score better on my PT tests.

It was fitting that we immediately found a castle to book our wedding at, and despite it being at a castle, and the whole wedding industry cliche of a fairytale theme, we wanted the day to be outside the box. Shoot, we got rid of the box completely for our special day! Even the planning was done outside the box- no really! We planned the wedding from Afghanistan. The majority of everything was made by me 2 months before the wedding. Anything not finished yet, came together the week of the wedding when our home was a mad-house of family armed with glue-guns, tubs and tubs of flowers and glitter everywhere! No detail was left undone, and what I couldn’t find time for we either bought or rented it from our amazing venue, Castle Park Events Center.

I promise you that the last two months before the wedding were extremely busy. The man didn’t get state-side until 2 weeks before the wedding, and my family lives on the other side of the country, so you can imagine how busy I was doing most of it all by myself. One of the biggest accomplishments was designing the stationary suite. Oh, and I letter-pressed it by hand…each 3-color piece! I know, I am crazy, but I promise that it was worth it. Check it out:WEdding InvitationsThese were so much work! Holy Cow! I have no problem creating detailed invitations like this for my bridal clients, however, they are not a fun one to do! I learned a lot while creating them, and can now serve clients with much more ease. One thing that I learned is that for the few extra cents it costs per invite, it is COMPLETELY worth it to purchase the pre-cut paper. In fact, it really doesn’t save any money because it takes a lot of time to cut the paper. It also hurts my hands to cut because it is super thick! These ones were 600gsm. Yeah, crazy! They were like thin cardboard. Here are some images of my process. Please don’t be too critical of the image quality…I took them with my old cell phone. I don’t know what I was thinking!

Lettra PaperLetterpress Bed with Plates attached and inked.Letterpress plates after being cut to size and used. Partially-Completed-InvitationsRSVP-FrontRSVPWedding-Invitation-Detail-ShotWhat-to-wear-to-a-Castle-WeddingAccomodations-Card-In-ProgressWEdding Stationary Suite Accommodation card for out of town guestsWedding-Website-Invitation-InsertFairytale-Wedding-Invitation

I’m always taking orders for custom design work. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any of your wedding or special event needs. I can even complete small orders ranging from 1 to 1000.  Let me know if I can help you with anything!Big HugsSignature

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