28 Days of Adding Happiness – The Best of Cakes and Cupcakes

Pretty Cakes from Dippidee bakery in Lehi UtahPlanning our wedding from the other side of the world was nearly the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. Two months before the big day, I arrived back in the US and literally started running around like a crazy woman trying to make the last minute arrangements, checking up on vendors, Letterpressing 125 wedding invitation suites (3 color, 6 pieces each) by hand, and designing and creating 8 million different decorations, paper goods, favors, and other items for our special day. It’s no wonder that it did not occur to me until 2 weeks before the big day that we had nothing planned for dessert! Oh my!

We were that crazy couple that showed up at a bakery two weeks before our wedding day and asked to try one of their cupcakes. Once we realized that they were the most incredible cupcakes either of us had ever tasted, we decided that without a doubt, this was the place that absolutely must bake our wedding cake. Luckily for us, the little shop and the amazing owner was more than happy to bake up tons of beautiful desserts for our special day despite the complete lack of notice. We ordered up just about everything they offered too. We had cupcakes, and cheesecakes, cake pops and brownies, cannolis and lemon bars, and of course, a two tier wedding cake! They did an amazing job!

Wedding Desserts by Dippidee

Image by WhiteNoyes Photography

Ever since the day we just happened to stop in to that little bakery, the Mr and I have been in love. Whenever we have a special occasion worth celebrating, we just have to stop in a grab up a cupcake. The Mr has also been known to stop in there on his own to surprise me when he feels I’ve done something worthy of a celebration such as my first etsy sale or the launch of my new website. It’s become a pretty special little place to us.

On our wedding day, we ran into a small little issue with our wedding venue completely disregarding the entire request to save all of our left-over desserts and especially the top tier of our wedding cake. Once we realized all of this, I wanted to cry. Not only did we not have yummy desserts to serve to our guests the next day at our farewell brunch, but we also couldn’t uphold the tradition of cutting into the top of our wedding cake on our first anniversary. That day, however, my hero of a husband made me a promise that no matter what, every year on our anniversary, we would get a Dippidee cake to celebrate! I’m pretty certain that if for no other reason than that, my husband is definitely a keeper!

Without fail, today we hopped in the car and took a little ride over to our favorite little bakery, Dippidee. We picked out a small vanilla cake (which in true Dippidee fashion was filled and topped with frosting) and a little cupcake for good measure. Tomorrow is our one year Anniversary and you better believe that we will be cutting our little cake, and celebrating a whole year of crazy, wild, awesome marriage!

Dippidee Bakery in Lehi UtahDippidee bakeryDippidee Bakery Swirled wedding cakeFlowers Gold and Striped wedding cake sample at Dippidee bakeryBird Cage cake is a beautiful sample of the wedding cakes available at Dippidee bakery in Lehi / American Fork UtahDippidee bakery cupcakes, menues, and beautiful displays The Cake Displays at Dippidee bakeryI strongly recommend that if you are a bride in the Lehi area Utah period, you absolutely must head over to Dippidee and get them booked for your big day. You will not regret it! If you are a mother, buy your child’s birthday cake here. If you are planning a bridal shower, a baby shower, a birthday, a New Year’s Eve party, St. Patrick’s Day party, Easter brunch, etc etc. etc… you must stop over to Dippidee for all your dessert needs. This place is just a little bit of Heaven on earth. This place is what happiness is all about. Dippidee is that only place to get your cakes, cupcakes, or other baked desserts. It’s delicious!

Raspberry_Coconut_Cupcake VanillaCakeWell, if these lovely desserts don’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what would! They sure add a little happiness to my life! If you want to know more about Dippidee, you can check out their website, like them on Facebook, or head over to the Dippidee blog. Do you have a favorite bakery in your town? I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment below. Make sure to head over to With Love Paper Goods tomorrow to catch Sarah’s new DIY post. Her projects are always the sweetest! and I’ll see you back here on Monday – Happy Labor Day! – for a super yummy recipe that would be perfect for your end of Summer picnics and barbeques!


28 Days of Adding Happiness – 10 Easy Ways to Create More Happiness in Your Life

10 Ways to Add Happiness To Your LifeHello Friends! I’m really, really sorry that I didn’t get this post up yesterday. As you all know, sometimes in life, the unexpected happens. At those times we can choose to panic and still try to get 28 hours worth of life lived in one 24 hour day, or we can take a few deep breaths, prioritize it all, and get done what we can get done. Yesterday was one of those days for me. It couldn’t have been a more appropriate time for my world to fall apart seeing as how yesterday I was going to write about 10 ways to create more happiness in your life, and I actually had to take my own advice yesterday. It’s crazy how things happen sometimes!

10 Ways to Create More Happiness in Your Life

  1. Move! Park a little further away, take the stairs, stand up while you fold the laundry, chase your dogs around the yard for a few minutes…These are all ways to get you moving. If you can’t commit to 20 -30 solid minutes of exercise each day, at least try to get in 30 minutes of movement spread out throughout the day. Getting up and moving will make you feel so much better, and in turn, add a little happiness to your life.
  2. Sleep! When we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies don’t function as well as they could. Sleep is so important. I always find that I can accomplish things a lot faster and better when I am well rested. Sleep makes me less grumpy toward others, too. Adding even an extra half hour of sleep to your day can add just a little more happiness to you life.
  3. Eat! These days, everywhere you look there’s another diet popping up with promises to make you the next Victoria’s Secret model. Nearly every one I know seems to be on a diet., but what if we stopped with the whole diet game and just chose a lifestyle? What if instead of counting every single calorie you take in, you simply started eating in a way that made your body feel good? Fruits and veggies are important, and we all know that. Try to include a few more of them in your day, and they will be sure to add some happiness to your life!
  4. Make lists! You know you have about a million things going through your head each day and all kinds of things to remember. Write those things down. It will save you the stress of remembering them…or worse – forgetting them. Making lists will ensure you always remember the things you need to do, the places you should go, and all the little things in between. Making lists will add just a little more happiness to your days.
  5. Prioritize! We can only do so much. Every day, we are given 24 hours and in those hours we still have to sleep, eat, exercise, work, etc. and that all takes time. Each day when you get up, take some time to think about the really important things you need to do that day. When you prioritize everything, you ensure that the things with high priority are sure to get done, and the things with lower priority can be done if you have time. Since we aren’t all superheros, if we don’t get it all done, at least we know that the most important things got done.
  6. Smile! Right now I want you to try something. I want you to smile, and I don’t want it to be just a small curve of your lips, I want it to be a big, huge, genuine smile; I want it to be the kind of smile you smile when you can’t stop laughing! Sometimes the simple act of smiling can be enough to brighten your day and add a bit of happiness to your life!
  7. Connect! Get off Facebook and actually connect with somebody in you life. Social Media is a fantastic tool, and it certainly has a place in our lives, but it cannot possibly replace human interaction and connections. pick up the phone, make a dinner date, play a game! These are the real life things that matter. Connecting with the people you love instead of staying glued to a screen all day or all night will add some happiness to your life!
  8. Journal! I know we don’t all have the time or even the patience to sit down each day and write pages and pages about how our life is going at the moment, and you don’t need to if that isn’t your thing. I found a great way of journaling a few years ago that has become a daily habit of mine. Each day at the end of the day, I write one sentence detailing something important that happened that day. It could be as simple as “I made it to work early today, and it felt so good to not have to rush.” or as huge as “I got married to my best friend today!” Taking a moment each day to reflect on your day and find one positive thing about your day that you want to remember, will add happiness to your life!
  9. Say No! In the past I found myself stressed out because I always seemed to have a million things I needed to do, and a lot of the time they were things I didn’t really even want to do or have the time to do before I even committed to doing them. If you find yourself always saying yes to people and filling your calender up to the brim, go ahead and stop. When something really doesn’t interest you, it’s okay to say no. When your schedule is already full, it’s alright to pass on something. Saying no every once in a while will free up your schedule a bit, take your stress levels down a notch, and add more happiness to your life!
  10. Free Time! Are you one of those people that have every minute of your day planned out from the exact minute that the alarm goes off and you hit the snooze button twice, until the minutes you close your eyes at night? If you are, you need to give yourself a break! Give yourself a half hour or even an hour each day to do nothing, or at a minimum, to do exactly what you want to do at that given moment in time. Even if you have to write it down in your planner “free time to do anything I want” it will be worth it. In that free time, go ahead, read a book, take a bath, sip on a glass of wine, meditate, do what makes you feel good. Giving yourself this opportunity to do what you enjoy, will absolutely add happiness to your life!

Do you have some other suggestions for adding happiness to your life? I’d really love to hear what you do each day to bring about some happiness in your life. Leave me a comment below telling me all about it. Then click on over to Sarah’s blog for today’s 28 Days of Adding Happiness post. She’ll be sharing some great links with you today. I’ll be back tomorrow to share one of my favorite places to go for some yummy happy treats here in my town!

Have a great afternoon! Oh, and a fantastic weekend! Happy Friday everyone!





28 Days of Adding Happiness – Happiness Printable

I’m just about certain that I need to head to the market to get some sweet potatoes so that I can try that yummy sweet potato fries recipe Sarah shared with us yesterday! I just love sweet potato fries and I have ever since I tried them for the first time while living in Tennessee.

Last week Sarah talked about building happiness in her home by placing inspiring messages where her and her husband will see them most. This week, I have another inspiring printable message to remind you that happiness is a choice. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Click o the image below to download this printable.HappinessIs

Sarah has another something wonderful for you tomorrow that you won’t want to miss. Make sure you stop by With Love Paper Goods for another dose of Adding Happiness!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



Monday’s are Magical – Pink Hair Don’t Care

As some of you probably know by now, I recently colored my hair pink. It was a decision many, many years in the making, and the right time was finally now. Although I certainly don’t feel that I must defend this decision, I do have an explanation.  Even my husband is on board with my #pinkhairdontcare choice! Pink Hair Don't Care  Coloring my hair was something I had always wanted to do. To be honest, the first memory I have of colored hair was actually done on a dog. I thought it was so cute, and I really wanted it for myself, however, it never really made sense. Under the roof of my parents, I probably would have been grounded until I was 50, and after graduation and my move to California, I was still trying to figure everything out and get a decent job. It had always been impressed upon me that “normal” was the only way to be if I wanted a good job and “normal” did not include colored hair.

The first time I ever went crazy with my hair, it really wasn’t crazy at all. I was with my gal pal, Charlie at the mall and found some Mohawk hair product. We went straight back to my place where I proceeded to give myself a short Mohawk and die it so black that it almost looked blue. Since I was in the army at the time, I had to cut it in a way that I could wear it down at work, so I didn’t get in trouble for the cut, but I did get in trouble for the color which I had to immediately change. Here’s a picture of me growing out the Mohawk:

Mohawk Hair After that experience, I stayed inside the lines for the most part. I only used hair colors that were basically natural until I got out of the military. Then, I decided to put one small streak of hot pink in the front of my hair. I liked it, but it didn’t last long. Again, the boss wasn’t pleased, so I had to get rid of it pretty quickly. About a year later, I decided to go blond. It wasn’t very pretty on me. Going from a dark brown to blond overnight produces an ugly warm blond color in my hair that just wasn’t attractive. After a few months, I went back to normal. Then, a few days later, I decided to put a few streaks of blue and purple in my hair. That was a lot of fun until again, I got a corporate job and the boss frowned upon my colorful hair. Back to normal again!

Are you beginning to see a pattern here? It seems like every time I do something fun with my hair, my boss gets mad. For some reason, colored hair is frowned upon, and those that have colored hair get strange glances from people wherever they go. I almost feel as though colored hair is more horrific to the average boss than a body full of tattoos. At least that’s how it feels!

However, I have found myself intrigued by both tattoos and colored hair. I’ve never seen either as a bad thing, or looked at either with a raised eyebrow. I love when I see someone with tattoos or colorful hair. I think it’s beautiful. For the most part, I don’t even think that they do it for attention. I think they do it because they can and because they want to. Everyday people wear their favorite color clothing, drive their favorite color car, and decorate their homes with their favorite color, so why must it be so taboo to color your hair with your favorite color?

Back in June I announced my new, full-time job – working for myself from home as the CEO and Creative Director of Pretty Much (See that post here). I no longer had a corporate job in which I had to keep the boss happy. I was finally in charge and could do what I wanted with my hair. I’d been waiting forever for this opportunity, and I was pretty darn excited. I talked to my husband about it, and even he was on-board. So, just before we left for vacation, I went in and had my hair colored pink. I had a professional do it to ensure that despite the wild color, it would still look good and wouldn’t look tacky or trashy.

pinkhairdontcare2 pinkhairdontcare3My thought process, and the argument I used to win my husband over on the idea was that if I were given the choice between two different creative professionals to decorate my wedding and create my stationary, the first one I would check into would be the one with pink hair over the one with regular brown hair. I’m not saying that brown hair is bad or boring or that you shouldn’t have it, but I know from my personal experience that pink hair defiantly makes a create statement and brings out my personality.

So far, after nearly two weeks as a pink headed lady, I still love every inch of the pink. I still feel confident in my choice as well. It makes me really happy to know that there isn’t a single person that can tell me to change it or to fix it. I love that I can have pink hair. In a way, you might say “I left my 9-5 for this!”


28 Days of Adding Happiness – Create a Notepad

HappyMondayToday was my last day in Walt Disney World. It really is the happiest place on earth! I just love it. One of the special touches that Disney offers is a button pin that tells others you are celebrating something special. My husband and I were celebrating our anniversary, so we received pins to wear that told everyone it is our first anniversary. Wherever we went, people congratulated us. We also had a few unexpected surprises such as a champagne toast and a couple cupcakes. It was all very magical!

All of this excitement served as a reminder that every day is worth celebrating. People don’t celebrate nearly as much as they should. I thought this was a really interesting theme that coincided with the idea of adding happiness to our lives. If we all realized that the little things were just as important to celebrate as the big things, we would probably all be a little happier. We might all smile a bit more and even be more appreciative of each moment we have to spend with the ones that we love.

Originally this tutorial was geared toward wishing everyone a happy________, whether it be a happy birthday, a happy un-birthday, a happy first day of school, or even as simple as a happy Monday. Due to some technical problems I was having before leaving on vacation, I was unable to take pictures with the printable I had prepared. Instead, I took pictures for the tutorial using another printable that I had already made. You can download either printable or even make your own.

What you will need:

  • Printout
  • Hot Glue gun (I suggest using a high heat one so the glue doesn’t latter melt in high heat)
  • Hot Glue sticks


1.  First Printout your templates or create your own, and cut them apart.Printed cutouts2. Using your hot glue gun, glue them all together like in the picture.Glue3. While the glue dries, squeeze the pages together tightly.Squish4. Let the hot glue cool completely before tossing the notepad in your bag.FlipFront FlipPurse 5. Now whenever you want to brighten someones day, you can tear of a page from your notepad, fill in the blanks, and give them a little note!Click on either image below to download the template for you notepad:


Don’t forget to head over to Sarah’s blog tomorrow for some more happiness!


28 Days of Adding Happiness – Give Away your Gratitude

Thank youThe moment that we have bad service of that somebody doesn’t smile at as, we tend to complain. Any bad experience certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. We quickly hop online to write up a bad review or speak to the manager, but how often do those positive interactions get noticed. Sure, we might add a little more to the tip at a restaurant or smile at a stranger who opened the door for us, but honestly, how often do you really go out of your way when somebody makes your day or helps you out?

In the last few months, my husband and I have been trying to recognize these moments and situations a bit more. Have you ever seen those trucks that ask “How’s my Driving?” and list a phone number to call? We’ve actually called those numbers to give compliments to a diver who is driving well. It surprises the people on the other end of the phone line when they realize we are calling about a compliment instead of a complaint. Little things like this can make somebody’s day. It really can mean a lot to somebody.

Today, I want to offer you a way to make these people realize that they are appreciated; to show them that their kindness has not gone unnoticed. Go ahead and download these adorable little thank you notes. You can print them out and cut them apart. Then, carry them around with you. When somebody acts kindly or in a way that puts a smile on your face, give them one of these little cards! It will surprise them a whole lot. I guarantee that! If you really want to add a special touch, you can even write a short note on the back letting them know what they did to make your day.

Thank you notes

Click here to download this PDF

This is just another small way to add some happiness to your life as well as the life of someone else. You’ll fee good for having recognized the goodness within somebody else, and they will feel good for having been noticed. It’s really a win win!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post by Sarah over at With Love Paper Goods, and I’ll see you right back here on Sunday to share some more fun! Have an awesome weekend!

28 Days of Adding Happiness – Around the Web

Welcome back to Pretty Much! Did you absolutely love Sarah’s printable yesterday? I thought it was just darling, and I loved her idea of building happiness within her home by placing inspiring messages where her and her husband will see them most often. We all could use a constant bit of happiness in our homes everyday, so this is such a wonderful idea! I love it!

The Happiness ProjectToday, I want to share some really inspiring links with you. A while back I heard about a book called The Happiness Project. I fell in love with the idea of making small changes each month in order to make my life a little happier and perhaps a little more fulfilling. I read this book from cover to cover all the while taking tons and tons of notes. I took the information and research that Gretchen Rubin wrote about and created my own happiness project. Her book really has changed my life is a very real way. I feel that everyone should grab up a copy and read it. Even if you don’t end up doing your own Happiness Project, the book gives you a chance to reflect on what makes you happy and how you can change your life a tiny bit at a time.

Gretchen Rubin also has a website that she created for her project and continues to update regularly. In fact, she even has a blog! Not only did she write this book, but she also now has journals, print-outs, manifestos, and another book! I’ve picked that one up too, but haven’t had the chance yet to read it. I’m expecting that once I get back from my Walt Disney World trip, (Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m currently blogging from my vacation in WDW?) I plan to read that book cover to cover as well. It is titled Happiness at Home and looks just as good, if not better than the first book. It really ties into Sarah’s blog post yesterday about creating a happier home by placing inspiring messages around the home.

If you choose to read her book, I highly suggest checking out her website as well. The website has all sorts of lists, ideas, quizzes, and much, much more that can help you along your journey to happiness. Trust me, you deserve this! You can even sign up for various emails from Gretchen to include a daily happiness quote in your inbox! Oh, and she has yet another book coming soon!

Have you read any of Gretchen Rubin’s books? What did you think of them? Leave me a comment, and tell me what you thought. I’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to visit Sarah’s blog tomorrow for another dose of Happiness as she gives some awesome Happiness tips! I love it!




28 Days of Adding Happiness – Cheesecake!

I’m so excited about my first blog post for the 28 Days of Adding Happiness! This is going to be so much fun. Sarah and I have a lot planned for you during this series. If you haven’t already read post number one on Sarah’s blog, you’ve got to read it! Yesterday she posted an awesome tutorial for making a statement necklace. It’s gorgeous!

Before I jump right into an amazing recipe, I wanted to tell you why I am so excited about happiness. It seems that most days we all rush around in a haze just trying to beat a clock or get ahead. We often loose site of the most important things that we can do for ourselves. Yeah, I said it – you can do things for yourself! Happiness doesn’t have to be a foreign concept. It can actually be something that we ensure for ourselves each day. Through taking care of bodies, making pretty things to wear or give to others, and even reaching out to others can make your own day better.

A really important part of being happy is taking care of our bodies. When we eat junk, we feel like junk! The hard part is that it is so easy to eat junk every single day, and that turns into a vicious cycle of eating junk, feeling like junk, eating junk, etc. What many people don’t realize is that eating healthy and taking care of our bodies doesn’t have to mean a huge green salad for every meal. You can still indulge; you just need to do it smartly.

Today I want to teach you a really yummy recipe for cheesecake. It’s pretty incredible tasting, and when you see the ingredients, you’ll be doing a double take. Yes, you still want to eat it in moderation because of the high calorie count, but with each bite you are giving your body some wonderful ingredients. Is there a better way to eat delicious food and make your body happy at the same time? I don’t believe so!

Cheesecake IngredientsHere’s your recipe:


3/4 cup almonds

1/2 cups pecans

4 tablespoons almond butter

1/2 chip cacao powder

4 tablespoons coconut oil

4 tablespoons agave

Filling :

4 cups cashews

4 tablespoons coconut oil

10 tablespoons agave

2 vanilla beans (scraped)

3 teaspoons nutritional yeast

Juice from one lemon

Mixing Ingredients

mix all ingredients for the crust in a food processor until mixed well and dough-like.Crust

Press the crust into a pan and set it aside.
Pouring FillingNext, do the same with all the ingredients for the filing. Spread the filing over the crust layer.
FillingPut your cheesecake in the freezer for 2 hours. Take cute pictures of your dog while you wait.
puppyOnce the cheesecake has set up, remove it from the freezer and top it off with a topping of your choice. I love fruit on mine!Finished_Bite


Enjoy! Tomorrow you will have to head back over to Sarah’s blog for another fun post!


Meet Sarah of With Love Paper Goods


Earlier this week I told you to get ready for some great stuff coming soon to the blog. This coming Sunday is the start of “28 Days of Adding Happiness” an incredible series I am teaming up with Sarah from With Love Paper Goods to bring to you. I can hardly wait! However, today I wanted to introduce you to Sarah. I think she is pretty awesome, and I know her little business is as well. I think you are really going to love her too, so I interviewed her for you. That way, during the series, when I send you over to her adorable blog, you’ll already feel like you know her!

With Love Paper Goods is such a great shop! I love your style so much! Can you tell us how your business began?

I started With Love Paper Goods with the desire to create beautiful, custom stationery for brides. I really wanted a creative outlet and realized my passion for art and stationery was something I could turn into a business. The relationships I’ve gained through the business are simply invaluable.

Why do you continue to do what you do?

Most people don’t know this about me, but I am actually a Montessori school teacher during the day and a stationery designer at night. Both careers have given me immense joy and that’s honestly the fuel of “why I do what I do.” I love waking up every morning knowing I’m going to learn or meet someone new. Marriage has been the biggest blessing in my life and getting to know couples who are choosing to embark on the same journey is delightful. It puts life into a perspective I never thought I’d see it in and makes me thankful for so much more.


Do you have a style inspiration for your work?


I want my work to pour over with warmth and sincerity, no matter what I am creating. I gather inspiration from the bride and groom – their love story, quirks, and dreams – and then work to make those qualities come alive in their paper goods. I can honestly say no two pieces are alike, just like no two relationships are the same.

For your own style and fashion?

My style and fashion is honestly all over the place. I wear what I love – whether that is a floral skirt and preppy top, or a boho shirt and skinny jeans. I wish I had a more direct answer for this, but it’s pretty much whatever has swayed my soul that morning!

What kinds of things do you do to unwind or relax?

I listen to a lot of music and design. Having a creative outlet, some good tunes, and a hot coffee are some of my favorite things.

When you are having a rough day, what one thing can completely turn your day around and make you feel super happy?

My husband and our little family! Even though we only have fur babies, a rough day is turned happy after a little cuddle sesh with them.

IMG_2712 IMG_0176

What a sweet family you have! So, tell us, what is your love story?

My husband, Tyler, and I met in a college math class! We were both teaching in the same fifth grade classroom and made eye contact from across the room. I smiled and he later asked me out. Our first date was on his birthday to his friend’s wedding, where he jokingly (but not really) told me we should get married. We spent the night walking around looking at the Christmas lights and talking in his car until the wee hours of the morning when I realized I still had exams to study for. After that we were inseparable. A year later we were married in Paris, TN (since he joked we should elope to Paris on our first date) and have been married for two years now! Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for our love and strength of our relationship.

If you could live anywhere in the world without regard to cost or proximity to family, where would you live and why?

In college I spent a summer studying abroad in England and LOVED it. I would live there in a heartbeat. I love the culture, nightlife, people, foods, travel – everything. My father’s side is from England, so I guess it holds a special place in my heart for other reasons too!

Do you have any really great Instagram account you love to follow?

I LOVE following Ashley Brooke Design and Joy Cho – both accounts are bold, bright, and beautiful – which is something I endeavor to look for in every day life.

Okay, I think it’s time to ask the really important questions now! Do you have a favorite dessert?

Girl, as long as it is under the category of “dessert” its my favorite.

Disney princess for a day?

Is Mulan a Disney Princess, because she is in my book. She has been my favorite Disney character for years.

See, I told you that you would love her! She is so much fun. If we knew each other in person, I just know we would have the best time ever! Talking to Sarah on Skype is hilarious. We basically sit there and laugh the whole time. It’s a great time! This Sunday she will be kicking off the 28 Days of Adding Happiness over on her blog with a really great post about


Monday’s Are Magical

Mondays are MagicalIt’s been a few weeks since I posted up a Monday’s are Magical post. I really had intended to put one out soon, but sometimes when life is good, you just have to spend your time soaking it up!

The last couple weeks have been pretty magical in general. I’ve found new sources for canvas tote bags, and the new bags are even stronger and more durable than the last bags, plus they are white, and the straps are longer. They hang so nicely! They are really taking the glitter well, and they look so sharp! Here is a sample tote I created out of pure excitement:

Love Tote With the new glitter and foil coming in, I was inspired to create some t-shirts. At first I started with a prototype using a t-shirt I had in my closet. Unfortunately, I don’t think Old Navy would appreciate me selling their shirts, so when I discovered how many people loved the prototype, I ended up sourcing t-shirts for the shop. The initial response was so overwhelming, that I was able to offer a discount for the entire group! That’s pretty fantastic! The shirts will be in this week so that I can begin working on the orders, but in the meantime, here I am in the prototype:

Trophy Wife T-shirtThings just keep getting better and better. I’ve had a ton of inquiries in the Etsy shop, and just last night, I got a really big surprise. I’m not an INTERNATIONAL seller having made my first sale to a sweet lady in Australia last night. Apparently, I’m kind of a big deal! I could not be more excited about that! I practically had to pinch myself because some days it’s hard to believe that this is real life and that I left my 9-5 for this amazing life!

As you may have read yesterday, I just announced a new project collaboration with a Sweet lady named Sarah who lives in the Nashville area. Her adorable shop, With Love Paper Goods, is so much fun! The two of us will be teaming up to bring you 28 Days of Adding Happiness, because everyone knows we can always choose to be even happier than we are. It’s a project that is so dear to my heart, and I can’t wait to start sharing the series with you next week!

28 Days of Adding HappinessOf course, I am still working with Josephine over at Courage & Dash as a guest blogger. The latest DIY will be up really soon. It’s a fun one, so you will have to head over to her blog because you won’t want to miss it!

Lastly (is that a word?), I am really looking forward to Friday night. While the rest of you are sleeping in your beds, I’ll be flying above your heads on my way to Florida. The Mr and I are taking another trip to Walt Disney World. This year we have a lot to celebrate: 1) Our One Year Anniversary, 2)The success of Pretty Much as well as the new beginnings we have both started between school and work. and finally, 3) Over a year has gone by since my symptoms began, and now, although I still have a lot of trouble walking, driving, and generally doing everyday things, I’m on the mend and feel like life is finally getting back to normal, so we will be celebrating progress. His cousin, Krista, who was also one of my bridesmaids, is coming too. I cannot wait to celebrate with her over her first Disney trip. It’s always such a fun experience to be with somebody for their first time there!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! All my love!