28 Days of Adding Happiness

28 Days of Adding Happiness

Some days it seems as though people believe that happiness is a lofty goal. We rush through life chasing a dream of happiness saying things like, “I’ll be happy when I get that new car.” or “I’ll be happy when I take that vacation,” but as soon as we reach one goal or can afford a special treat, we barely stop to enjoy it before we are off running after the next thing that will be sure to bring us happiness.

About a month ago, Sarah, from With Love Paper Goods approached me about doing a blog series with her to promote happiness. I was on-board immediately, but as we talked about our ideas, I became even more excited. With all the amazing things going on in this world, we somehow forget to make time to be happy. Sadly anymore, it seems like we almost have to pull out our day planner and pencil it in: “5:30 PM be happy.” Well, we are hoping that with this blog series, we will be able to remind you that it’s the little things in life that make up the big happiness picture. You don’t have to pencil happiness into your date book, you simply have to realize what makes you happy.

28 Days of Adding Happiness will be a blog series with a little twist. Sarah and I will be taking turns each day posting up some really lovely things: DIYs, recipes, links, printables, and lots more. I really can’t wait! All of this fun will start a week from today on Sunday, august 17th over on Sarah’s blog. Each day after that, for 28 days, we will share some pretty wonderful things with you. I hope you’re on board because this is going to be so much fun!

Coming up: Meet Sarah this Thursday, when I interview her here on the blog!

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