28 Days of Adding Happiness – 28 Ways to Bring Happiness to Others

DeathtoStock_Spring7As I read Sarah’s post yesterday, I was so touched by her honesty. She is so right about our purpose here to love each other. If we are all honest, isn’t it really the relationships that we have that are what make life worth living? Its the people that we love and the people that love us that make each day worthwhile and that make our lives complete.

Lately, I’ve been feeling that stretch she talked about. In a year’s time I’ve gone through two huge yet rare medical diagnoses, a major life changing surgery, losing my job due to disability, my husband getting laid off a week after my surgery, learning to walk again, opening a business, going to school full time, and testing our vows in our first year of marriage. Every day I go to bed exhausted! I go to bed wondering how I’m ever going to get up the next morning and face the world again. But, each day I wake up next to my best friend, and I know that no matter what, he is going to love me, and no matter what, I am going to love him!

That relationship is what makes life worth living. It’s what brings a smile to my face throughout each day. Most of all, it’s the thing that life is beautiful, and crazy, and wild, and fun, and adventuresome, and perfect in its imperfections!

Sarah’s post yesterday leads right into what I wanted to share with you today. Other people can be a huge part of our lives, yet we don’t always show them how much they mean to us. It’s important to show people, whether they are our spouse or the stranger that took our order at the ice-cream shop, that they are important to us. Who knows, you might be the only person that shows them a smile today or the only person that thanks them for working so hard.

I’ve compiled a list of 28 awesome ways to show some appreciateion to others and give them a reason to smile. Today is about not being happy yourself, but about spreading that happiness out and sharing it with others. Today is about adding happiness to our life by adding happiness to the lives of people who matter. So, here you go, 28 ways to show some love:

  1. Call a family member.
  2. Compliment a stranger.
  3. send a handwritten note.
  4. Ask people for their opinion. It will make them feel valuable!
  5. Leave a positive comment for management about a hard worker that you noticed.
  6. Bring a treat to work to share with your coworkers.
  7. Leave flowers on a neighbor’s front porch.
  8. Give out a hug!
  9. Send a text to let someone know you are thinking of them.
  10. Send flowers to you mom for no reason.
  11. When somebody helps you, thank them, and use the name on their name tag.
  12. Leave some change at the vending machine.
  13. Sing and dance in the car at a stoplight. Instead of stopping when somebody looks at you, look them in the eye, smile, and keep on singing!
  14. Leave a note for your loved one where they will find it later.
  15. Walk an elderly neighbor’s pet for them.
  16. Buy an extra newspaper at the dispenser machine and leave one for the next person.
  17. Tie some balloons to the playground equipment at a local park.
  18. Donate to a local food pantry.
  19. Drop some quarters where a child might find them.
  20. Send your pastor or church leader a card.
  21. Tip your grocery bagger.
  22. Help a mother by taking her cart back to the cart corral.
  23. Leave a note on a public bathroom mirror.
  24. Write “thank you” on your restaurant receipt and leave it for the waiter or waitress.
  25. Leave one of these for someone.
  26. Hand out these to someone.
  27. If you and your spouse or your roommate have designated chores, go ahead and do theirs without telling them. When they realize what you’ve done, it will make their day!
  28. Go ahead and hold hands! It reminds people that you need them!

I agree with Sarah that this experience of blogging back and forth with Sarah and sharing all of this happiness with each of you has been such an awesome experience. It has been both challenging and rewarding. This series has made me realize some wonderful things, and I’m having so much fun. I hope each of you reading our posts is loving the series just as Sarah and I are loving the experience of sharing each post. Stop in at With Love Paper Goods tomorrow for Sarah’s new post, and don’t forget to come back here on Friday for some great linkups around the web! I can’t wait to share some pretty things I’ve found with you all!

Add your thoughts! Comment here!

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