28 Days of Adding Happiness – Celebrate Everything Printable

Who did not run right out and buy a bunch of apples as soon as they read that post yesterday on Sarah’s blog? Wow! They sound delicious! I can’t wait to bake some up! This calls for a celebration…..in fact, until further notice, Celebrate everything!

Happiness is about celebrating all the little adventures in life, about celebrating the small triumphs, and about making the best of every single day of our lives here together. Happiness is about encouraging those around us, embracing those that we love, and supporting those that love us in return. Happiness is about being positive and giving people hope. It’s  about making this world better than it was when we got here. Most of all, happiness is about love – any and every kind of love that exists in your heart to give, and since I love all of you, I made a printable for you to celebrate with. Yes, I did! I hope you love it!


Click on the picture to download the printable!

Head over to Sarah’s blog tomorrow because there are still a few days left of this fantastic blog series. Give Sarah some love!

Add your thoughts! Comment here!

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