College is a Waste of Time – Spoken by a Lifelong Learner

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn
I’m nearly 30 years old, and for most of my life I have been in school. As a little one, I was in preschool for two years before kindergarten.After I graduated from high school, I’ve managed to sprinkle in 16 semesters of college education. If you know much about college, you know that equals 8 years of college and well over the amount of credits one needs to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, however, transferring schools and transferring programs means that I’m still an undergraduate. With that being said, I have instructors that are younger than me! It’s crazy, but that’s not the problem I have with them. The problem I have with college instructors can best be summed up by a recent quote from one of them:

“I should point out that for Explorations, the highest achievable grade is B+, as there isn’t the scope in those assignments to exceed the requirements for assessment in each case.” – Instructor

In that class we have an exploration assignment due each week, a midterm, and a final. Can you see a flaw in the grading structure here? If I get a B+ on every weekly assignment, that gives me a “perfect” grade for that part of the course, but it’s still only a B+! Perhaps this quote from another instructor would be a better representation of the decline in education:

“I’m not here to teach you. I’m here to grade your work. I give you an assignment and it is your responsibility to figure our what you need to learn in order to complete the assignment. Then it is up to you to learn it, complete the assignment, and turn it in on time.” -Instructor

I don’t think it would be so hard, if the assignments actually had detailed instructions, if the instructor made it clear what he expected, or if when we received a poor grade on an assignment, he told us why.

In my English class we have three papers to write for the entire semester. The grade we receive on the ROUGH DRAFT – which is graded as if it is a final draft – has just as much weight on our final semester grade as does the final paper. We turned in our rough draft, and the final was due two weeks later. The day the final was due, the instructor finally gave us back our rough drafts and extended the final deadline by ONE DAY!

I struggle each day to decide what to do for my business. I struggle to prioritize my life because I still want to do pretty much everything. In addition to being a full-time student, I am also a full-time wife and a full-time business owner. Currently, I am dealing with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) which is a form of orthostatic intolerance that is associated with the presence of excessive tachycardia on standing. Many POTS patients experience low blood pressure on standing, fatigue, headaches, lightheadedness, heart palpitations, exercise intolerance, nausea, diminished concentration, tremulousness (shaking), syncope (fainting), coldness or pain in the extremities, chest pain and shortness of breath. If that wasn’t enough, I’m also recovering from a brain surgery in March which effected my balance as well as my ability to do normal every day tasks. The hardest part of this recovery was learning to walk again. We wouldn’t want to leave out the fact that I have extreme back difficulties for a 29 year old woman. For this, I go to 1.5 hours of therapy 4 times a week. So, as you can tell, I’m a very busy lady.

The truth of the matter is being this busy is not working for me. It is far too stressful, and we all know that when you are trying to regain your health, extreme stress is not going to help. We can’t always dictate what our health will do. Sure, we can eat healthy, exercise, and take care of ourselves, but sometimes or bodies just do their own thing. the best thing we can do about it though is keep working to make it better, continue going to therapy, eating right, exercising, and treating our bodies well, so for obvious reasons I can’t get rid of that from my life right now.

Another area of life that requires attention is the fact that I am a full-time wife. Relationships require work and love in order to grow. It’s important for me to spend time nurturing my marriage and spending time with my husband. He deserves that! Part of this nurturing requires that I put in just as much effort around our house as he does. It’s not fair to expect him to mow the yard, do the dishes, clean the clothes, vacuum the floors, take care of the dogs, take out the trash, and cook the meals. We are partners and therefor we work together to keep the relationship and our home maintained. I can’t alleviate this from my life either.

Last week my husband and I talked about my business. We discussed what our life goals were and what needed to happen to accomplish those goals. For us, Pretty Much is one of the most important pieces of my life right now. It is the one piece that makes the most sense and makes me the most happy.Despite the business taking a lot of love, dedication, time, and work, it seems to be a stress reliever more than a stress creator. Owning and operating Pretty Much keeps me sane and makes me feel good. It’s such an important part of my life, and of our future that I would be crazy to cut it out of my life right now.

This brings us back to the talk of school. I’m supposed to devote 10 hours a week per class. That’s 40 hours a week devoted to school. Normally, I wouldn’t have a problem with this expectation, however, that number doesn’t even come close to the amount of work that I have to put in. Last week I was required to create a 108 page document for one class in one week. It took me 20 hours just to work on that class, and I still had three other classes to work on. Did I learn anything from creating that document? nope! That’s when I realized that school is taking up way too much of my time and not giving me anything back. I’m not really learning anything, and it causes way too much stress. It needs to go.

So for me, I’ve decided that right now in life, college is a waste of my time. I’ve decided that this will be my last semester for a while. The crazy thing is that several of my classmates have actually said the same thing. At least I don’t feel so bad.

The great news is that this means tons more time to focus on Pretty Much! Hooray! I’m so excited because that means that I am about to have a ton of time to make pretty things! I’m about to have time to blog, create pre-made party details, develop some new stationary collections, and even start making some videos. I cannot wait for this new era to begin with Pretty Much. On Tuesday, I’ll be sharing a bit more about upcoming plans, so come back and find out more!


Cover your bases, Cover your assets, Cover your ass. Small Business Bodyguard

Everything Small Business Owners Need to Know About the Legal Stuff

Cover your bases, Cover your assets, Cover your ass. Small Business Bodyguard

Is your blog legal? Is your small business legal? Is your online business legal?
Guess what bloggers? You have to pay taxes too. Calling all bloggers and small biz owners – don’t do business without reading this first. (IMPORTANT.) Everything an online biz owner needs to know about THE LEGAL STUFF.

I’ve had a lot of questions lately about my terms & conditions, my privacy policy, and my disclaimers. I’ve also had a few questions about my contracts. Yeah, I know they are pretty great, and no, I didn’t hire an expensive lawyer in a fancy suit. Since opening my business it’s been really important to me that I cover my ass. In fact, one reason it took me so long to open my doors is because I was scared shitless that I was going to do the wrong thing and get into a legal battle. Being a business owner carries with it a lot of responsibility, and with that responsibility comes a lot of stress.

Thankfully, I don’t have to stress too much, because I found an amazing resource to help me with all the legal stuff of running a business. This resource is a legal reference tool and probably the greatest investment I have made in my business. The best part is that this non-negotiable business expense is one that I can write-off! In the long run, Small Business Bodyguard is saving me money, stress & anxiety. I know that if I do business with a bad client and don’t have a contract, there is always that chance that I might not get paid, or if someone doesn’t like the way I do business and tries to sue me over it, I am covered because I do business the right way and the smart way.

The TMFproject If you are not familiar, then you need to get familiar right now!) edited & wrote this resource it in its entirety, with the goal of making it USER FRIENDLY, EASY TO DIGEST, AND EVEN AN ENJOYABLE READ. I read it start to finish over the course of about a week, and the whole time I was laughing and smiling and actually enjoying it. It wasn’t just some intimidating, bland, jargoney resource. It’s written for the average small business owner & blogger. People like you and me! Seriously! On top of that, this arsenal was lawyer-drafted and peer reviewed. Seriously!

So what am I trying to tell you? Well, take the time to cover your ass now, so you can do business like a responsible adult. If I had paid a lawyer to draft the contracts & agreements that are included in Small Business Bodyguard, it would have cost me over $5,000 alone. During the affiliate push week, the additional $3,000 in bonus contracts & templates makes this an $8,000 value. Now, compare that to the cost of $275 for Small Business Bodyguard, and it’s an obvious no brainer.

Did you see that little bitty price tag compared to the enormous value The Small Business Bodyguard contains? It’s a no-brainer. Remember this: If you own a business, you are legally responsible for it. Getting your business ducks in a row is a non-negotiable business expense. You MUST do it one way or another or your ass won’t be covered when somebody tries to steal your work, sue you, or not pay you.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, you need this resource. I use it every single day that I am in business whether it be here on my blog, over on my website, as a seller on Etsy, and in each contract I sign with a client.

At a minimum, you should at least get your hands on the FREE smart, simple, and surefire steps checklist to becoming legally legit. Yes, I said FREE! You can do that by clicking right here!

Do you still have questions in regards to what exactly this resource is? Fear not, check it out here.Need some more testimonials from business owners that use the Small Business Bodyguard? Check out tons of testimonials by clicking here. I seriously cannot say enough about this great resource, and I abslolutely think you need to check it out.

Small Business Bodyguard
FREE smart, simple, and surefire steps checklist.

With that, I leave you to have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy it!


This post includes affiliate links, however, I only link to products I personally have used and love.

28 Days of Adding Happiness – 28 Ways to Bring Happiness to Others

DeathtoStock_Spring7As I read Sarah’s post yesterday, I was so touched by her honesty. She is so right about our purpose here to love each other. If we are all honest, isn’t it really the relationships that we have that are what make life worth living? Its the people that we love and the people that love us that make each day worthwhile and that make our lives complete.

Lately, I’ve been feeling that stretch she talked about. In a year’s time I’ve gone through two huge yet rare medical diagnoses, a major life changing surgery, losing my job due to disability, my husband getting laid off a week after my surgery, learning to walk again, opening a business, going to school full time, and testing our vows in our first year of marriage. Every day I go to bed exhausted! I go to bed wondering how I’m ever going to get up the next morning and face the world again. But, each day I wake up next to my best friend, and I know that no matter what, he is going to love me, and no matter what, I am going to love him!

That relationship is what makes life worth living. It’s what brings a smile to my face throughout each day. Most of all, it’s the thing that life is beautiful, and crazy, and wild, and fun, and adventuresome, and perfect in its imperfections!

Sarah’s post yesterday leads right into what I wanted to share with you today. Other people can be a huge part of our lives, yet we don’t always show them how much they mean to us. It’s important to show people, whether they are our spouse or the stranger that took our order at the ice-cream shop, that they are important to us. Who knows, you might be the only person that shows them a smile today or the only person that thanks them for working so hard.

I’ve compiled a list of 28 awesome ways to show some appreciateion to others and give them a reason to smile. Today is about not being happy yourself, but about spreading that happiness out and sharing it with others. Today is about adding happiness to our life by adding happiness to the lives of people who matter. So, here you go, 28 ways to show some love:

  1. Call a family member.
  2. Compliment a stranger.
  3. send a handwritten note.
  4. Ask people for their opinion. It will make them feel valuable!
  5. Leave a positive comment for management about a hard worker that you noticed.
  6. Bring a treat to work to share with your coworkers.
  7. Leave flowers on a neighbor’s front porch.
  8. Give out a hug!
  9. Send a text to let someone know you are thinking of them.
  10. Send flowers to you mom for no reason.
  11. When somebody helps you, thank them, and use the name on their name tag.
  12. Leave some change at the vending machine.
  13. Sing and dance in the car at a stoplight. Instead of stopping when somebody looks at you, look them in the eye, smile, and keep on singing!
  14. Leave a note for your loved one where they will find it later.
  15. Walk an elderly neighbor’s pet for them.
  16. Buy an extra newspaper at the dispenser machine and leave one for the next person.
  17. Tie some balloons to the playground equipment at a local park.
  18. Donate to a local food pantry.
  19. Drop some quarters where a child might find them.
  20. Send your pastor or church leader a card.
  21. Tip your grocery bagger.
  22. Help a mother by taking her cart back to the cart corral.
  23. Leave a note on a public bathroom mirror.
  24. Write “thank you” on your restaurant receipt and leave it for the waiter or waitress.
  25. Leave one of these for someone.
  26. Hand out these to someone.
  27. If you and your spouse or your roommate have designated chores, go ahead and do theirs without telling them. When they realize what you’ve done, it will make their day!
  28. Go ahead and hold hands! It reminds people that you need them!

I agree with Sarah that this experience of blogging back and forth with Sarah and sharing all of this happiness with each of you has been such an awesome experience. It has been both challenging and rewarding. This series has made me realize some wonderful things, and I’m having so much fun. I hope each of you reading our posts is loving the series just as Sarah and I are loving the experience of sharing each post. Stop in at With Love Paper Goods tomorrow for Sarah’s new post, and don’t forget to come back here on Friday for some great linkups around the web! I can’t wait to share some pretty things I’ve found with you all!

28 Days of Adding Happiness

28 Days of Adding Happiness

Some days it seems as though people believe that happiness is a lofty goal. We rush through life chasing a dream of happiness saying things like, “I’ll be happy when I get that new car.” or “I’ll be happy when I take that vacation,” but as soon as we reach one goal or can afford a special treat, we barely stop to enjoy it before we are off running after the next thing that will be sure to bring us happiness.

About a month ago, Sarah, from With Love Paper Goods approached me about doing a blog series with her to promote happiness. I was on-board immediately, but as we talked about our ideas, I became even more excited. With all the amazing things going on in this world, we somehow forget to make time to be happy. Sadly anymore, it seems like we almost have to pull out our day planner and pencil it in: “5:30 PM be happy.” Well, we are hoping that with this blog series, we will be able to remind you that it’s the little things in life that make up the big happiness picture. You don’t have to pencil happiness into your date book, you simply have to realize what makes you happy.

28 Days of Adding Happiness will be a blog series with a little twist. Sarah and I will be taking turns each day posting up some really lovely things: DIYs, recipes, links, printables, and lots more. I really can’t wait! All of this fun will start a week from today on Sunday, august 17th over on Sarah’s blog. Each day after that, for 28 days, we will share some pretty wonderful things with you. I hope you’re on board because this is going to be so much fun!

Coming up: Meet Sarah this Thursday, when I interview her here on the blog!

A Huge Announcement: Guest Blogging!

Last week I told you all on the twitter and facebook feeds that I would be making a huge announcement this week. It has been killing me to keep this huge secret for nearly a month! Finally though, I can spill the beans. (Who came up with that saying, anyhow? I think it sounds kind of silly!) The lovely Josephine Mills from Courage & Dash got in touch and has asked me to be a regular guest DIY blogger for her beautiful London-based blog!!!! <———This deserves about a million exclamation points!  I know, I’m just as stunned and excited as all of you probably are. This is such a huge honor!

Yesterday, my first post went live. It was a super fun and super easy DIY. Do you remember those adorable totes I put up in the shop on Sunday night? Well, now if you feel up to it, you can make them yourself! I know, I know, Pretty Much amazing!

Market or Wedding Day Tote

I highly suggest that you head on over to the Courage & Dash blog, and check out, not only this easy little DIY, but also the rest of Josephine’s blog because I really think you are going to adore it! Going into the weekend, be safe and have fun!

If you wish to download the templates I have created, please click on them below:

Book Worm, Market Fresh, Mrs, Oh, so Pretty, The Best Day Ever