28 Days of Adding Happiness – Celebrate Everything Printable

Who did not run right out and buy a bunch of apples as soon as they read that post yesterday on Sarah’s blog? Wow! They sound delicious! I can’t wait to bake some up! This calls for a celebration…..in fact, until further notice, Celebrate everything!

Happiness is about celebrating all the little adventures in life, about celebrating the small triumphs, and about making the best of every single day of our lives here together. Happiness is about encouraging those around us, embracing those that we love, and supporting those that love us in return. Happiness is about being positive and giving people hope. It’s  about making this world better than it was when we got here. Most of all, happiness is about love – any and every kind of love that exists in your heart to give, and since I love all of you, I made a printable for you to celebrate with. Yes, I did! I hope you love it!


Click on the picture to download the printable!

Head over to Sarah’s blog tomorrow because there are still a few days left of this fantastic blog series. Give Sarah some love!

28 Days of Adding Happiness – Happiness Printable

I’m just about certain that I need to head to the market to get some sweet potatoes so that I can try that yummy sweet potato fries recipe Sarah shared with us yesterday! I just love sweet potato fries and I have ever since I tried them for the first time while living in Tennessee.

Last week Sarah talked about building happiness in her home by placing inspiring messages where her and her husband will see them most. This week, I have another inspiring printable message to remind you that happiness is a choice. Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Click o the image below to download this printable.HappinessIs

Sarah has another something wonderful for you tomorrow that you won’t want to miss. Make sure you stop by With Love Paper Goods for another dose of Adding Happiness!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



28 Days of Adding Happiness – Create a Notepad

HappyMondayToday was my last day in Walt Disney World. It really is the happiest place on earth! I just love it. One of the special touches that Disney offers is a button pin that tells others you are celebrating something special. My husband and I were celebrating our anniversary, so we received pins to wear that told everyone it is our first anniversary. Wherever we went, people congratulated us. We also had a few unexpected surprises such as a champagne toast and a couple cupcakes. It was all very magical!

All of this excitement served as a reminder that every day is worth celebrating. People don’t celebrate nearly as much as they should. I thought this was a really interesting theme that coincided with the idea of adding happiness to our lives. If we all realized that the little things were just as important to celebrate as the big things, we would probably all be a little happier. We might all smile a bit more and even be more appreciative of each moment we have to spend with the ones that we love.

Originally this tutorial was geared toward wishing everyone a happy________, whether it be a happy birthday, a happy un-birthday, a happy first day of school, or even as simple as a happy Monday. Due to some technical problems I was having before leaving on vacation, I was unable to take pictures with the printable I had prepared. Instead, I took pictures for the tutorial using another printable that I had already made. You can download either printable or even make your own.

What you will need:

  • Printout
  • Hot Glue gun (I suggest using a high heat one so the glue doesn’t latter melt in high heat)
  • Hot Glue sticks


1.  First Printout your templates or create your own, and cut them apart.Printed cutouts2. Using your hot glue gun, glue them all together like in the picture.Glue3. While the glue dries, squeeze the pages together tightly.Squish4. Let the hot glue cool completely before tossing the notepad in your bag.FlipFront FlipPurse 5. Now whenever you want to brighten someones day, you can tear of a page from your notepad, fill in the blanks, and give them a little note!Click on either image below to download the template for you notepad:


Don’t forget to head over to Sarah’s blog tomorrow for some more happiness!


28 Days of Adding Happiness – Give Away your Gratitude

Thank youThe moment that we have bad service of that somebody doesn’t smile at as, we tend to complain. Any bad experience certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. We quickly hop online to write up a bad review or speak to the manager, but how often do those positive interactions get noticed. Sure, we might add a little more to the tip at a restaurant or smile at a stranger who opened the door for us, but honestly, how often do you really go out of your way when somebody makes your day or helps you out?

In the last few months, my husband and I have been trying to recognize these moments and situations a bit more. Have you ever seen those trucks that ask “How’s my Driving?” and list a phone number to call? We’ve actually called those numbers to give compliments to a diver who is driving well. It surprises the people on the other end of the phone line when they realize we are calling about a compliment instead of a complaint. Little things like this can make somebody’s day. It really can mean a lot to somebody.

Today, I want to offer you a way to make these people realize that they are appreciated; to show them that their kindness has not gone unnoticed. Go ahead and download these adorable little thank you notes. You can print them out and cut them apart. Then, carry them around with you. When somebody acts kindly or in a way that puts a smile on your face, give them one of these little cards! It will surprise them a whole lot. I guarantee that! If you really want to add a special touch, you can even write a short note on the back letting them know what they did to make your day.

Thank you notes

Click here to download this PDF

This is just another small way to add some happiness to your life as well as the life of someone else. You’ll fee good for having recognized the goodness within somebody else, and they will feel good for having been noticed. It’s really a win win!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post by Sarah over at With Love Paper Goods, and I’ll see you right back here on Sunday to share some more fun! Have an awesome weekend!

Mondays are Magical

Who decided that Mondays are such awful days, anyway? Mondays are great! They signify a new start, a clean slate, and another opportunity for greatness. Mondays are actually pretty Magical if you think about it!

Today is an especially great and magical Monday here around the studio. Over the weekend, a lot of fun things were happening! On Friday a new toy arrived for the studio that will broaden the options that our clients have. I can’t wait to start using it; In fact, tomorrow I’ll begin putting it to use already! Besides the new toy, I finally decided to order the new stationary for Pretty Much. I kept putting it off, primarily because nobody really wants to spend a few hundred dollars on paper, but when I realized that MOO was having a huge sale, I jumped on that one! I’ll have to tell you more about how much I love MOO in a future post. Other great and wonderful things that took place over the weekend included developing a new product line, spending a lot of time watching videos from April Bowles on her website Blacksburg Belle, going to a Movie, watching Mad Men with the Mr, developing an editorial calender, going to dinner with a friend to wish him well as he moves away for graduate school, eating ice-cream, and planning a new crochet project! Phew, that’s a busy weekend, but I loved it!

Even after such a great weekend, Monday morning was even better. The Mr took the day off and we spent the morning hanging out and goofing around. He makes my heart happy! Together we attacked our to-do list and got a bunch of tiny but annoying things done like scheduling our fur baby for oral surgery and finally faxing my name change documents to Delta in order to change it on my skymiles account. Blah. And Lastly, I taught myself how to add downloadable content to the blog so that you lovelies can enjoy! Hooray!

So here you have it. The newest freebies that I am offering over on the Pretty Much website:

Free Printable: Think TogetherShare your wedding on Instagram

How is that for adding a bit of Magic to your Monday? I hope you love! As always, I love creating custom projects for all of my clients, so don’t be afraid to get in touch! Have a magical week!