Have you ever dreamt of throwing the most perfect party with the most perfect details? One where your guests show up with their jaws dropped low, barely able to speak because they are too busy taking it all in? Ever spent hours on Pinterest pinning up 2,374 amazing projects to do in your NOT-SO-SPARE time? Have you found yourself in the daily planner and calendar section of your local store in search of the perfect personal planner that doesn’t seem to exist, only to leave empty handed because the ugly corporate looking ones they have available are more likely to put you to sleep out of boredom than encourage you to keep it all together and organize the chaos of your fabulous life? Well, fear not, Pretty Much is ready to make it all happen just for you! Whether you are in need of party decorations you are in need of, stationary that reflects your style, a logo or branding package for your business, or a day planner to keep your life organized, Pretty Much is ready to do Pretty Much any of that and more, so that you have more time to be your fabulous self and enjoy life just a little bit more!

Pretty Much is a design studio that does all the work of creating the details for your event; You’ve got a million ideas on your inspiration board, but Pretty Much has the time and know-how to bring them all to life. Feeling completely unorganized and overwhelmed by your To-Do-List? Check out the Pretty Much Pretty Busy planners, organizers, and calendars. Need an extra boost with your business branding? Pretty Much can create custom branding packages that are Pretty Much amazing! No matter your needs, Pretty Much can do Pretty Much Anything to help you out! Drop me an email or give me a ring. Let’s work together to add that Exclamation Point to your event and have your guests talking about it for years to come!

At Pretty Much, it’s all about blending your visions and your passions with your personal style and my creative talents. Together we will design and create gorgeous event decor whether it be for your son’s first birthday party, a Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, or your special wedding day. No detail will be overlooked. Designer, Renay Howey, will work within your budget to create the event of your dreams!


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